Trip Reports

Edison Lake Tour - This is a two day tour my family and I took into Edison Lake in April of 2005. We started just above Huntington Lake east of Fresno and rode to Vermillion Valley Resort --camping just beyond at roads end. This trip is one I would highly recommend if you love beautiful scenery and don't mind steep, twisty, and potholed roads. There is almost no traffic and what there is moves very slowly!


Huntington Lake Tour - Another two day tour, this one brought us over Kaiser Pass and through the scenic wilderness surrounding Huntington Lake. We passed through Sample Meadow, where we were informed that a hunter was missing, and then camped at West Kaiser Campground. Although much of the road was smooth pavement, part of this ride was on a dirt road so we used our mountain bikes.


Crossing The Sierras Via Sherman Pass -



Kings Canyon Ride